Thomas J. Schulz

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Priddy, Cutler, Naake & Meade is the leading labor and employment law firm in Louisville, KY. Our lawyers are dedicated to the representation of organized labor, its leadership and members.
Our experienced attorneys have had numerous trials, arbitrations, and appeals and have litigated on behalf of thousands of employees and their unions.
We are committed to the mission of the American labor movement and improving the lives of working people and their families through fair treatment and equal rights for all employees, union or non-union.

Most employers offer employment benefits in addition to the wages paid, including such benefits as defined contribution pensions, defined benefit pensions, life insurance, short or long term disability, severance plans, health insurance, cafeteria plans, ESOPs, profit-sharing, 401k’s or the like.

Employee rights arise from federal and state laws that, over time, have established various rules that govern the employer-employee relationship.
More broadly viewed, the phrase is often used to refer to rights not explicitly mentioned in law but inferred from legal protections.


A 1973 graduate of St. Xavier High School in Louisville, Kentucky, Thomas earned his B.A. in history and journalism from Indiana University in 1977 and his J.D. cum laude from the University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law in 1982.


Admitted to practice in 1982, Thomas J. Schulz has over 28 years experience representing working women and men concerning their individual and collective rights on the job, as well as personal issues affecting their lives at home and in the community.

Bar Admissions:
Kentucky 1982;
U.S. District Courts for the Eastern and Western District of Kentucky;
The Sixth, Seventh and Eleventh U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals;
United States Supreme Court..

Other Accomplishments

Protecting the rights of working men and women in both the private and public sector workplace since his admission to practice in 1982, Thomas has practiced at the trial and appellate level in Kentucky state courts and in federal courts in several circuits. He was admitted to practice in the United States Supreme Court in July, 2000. He also has extensive experience in administrative proceedings from unemployment hearings to professional licensing boards to Social Security Disability. While Thomas focuses on labor and employment rights, including employee benefit issues under ERISA, he also understands how changes at work affect an individual at home and in the community. The best solution is the one that works best for you. From 1994 to 2006, Thomas served as General Counsel and Assistant Business Manager for the Kentucky State District Council of Carpenters where he gained experience on Legislative and Executive branch issues, including election and campaign finance law.