Social Security Disability

Disability payment is payment received from the government when you are very sick or disabled in some way and unable to work. The payments are also meant to help you with any expensive medicine that may be needed for your illness or disability. Sometimes, though, your disability payment is denied.

It is unfortunate enough if you are suffering from a disability. Being denied payment for your disability only makes matters worse. Even though the people that review your application might feel that you are not qualified to receieve disability payment, you may still truly feel otherwise.

Reasons You May Be Denied Disability Payment:

  • You Do Not Provide Sufficient Medical Proof
  • You Have an Impairment That is Not Considered Severe
  • You Have an Impairment Resulting From Alcohol or Drug Addiction
  • You Have an Impairment That is Not Expected to Last More Than One Year
  • You are Able to Perform Your Usual Type of Work
  • You are Able to Perform Another Type of Work
  • You Fail to Take Prescribed Medicine as Directed
  • You Return to Work While Application is Pending

Applying For Social Security Disability

When your application is being reviewed, each and every regulation is looked over and they will try to find any possible way to deny your application.

This hardly seems fair at all when there are people out there with the exact same condition you have and yet they were approved. You are told that you can appeal the decision, but that can take an additional year! You deserve justice if this has happened to you.

In 2005, SSA paid roughly $557 billion to more than 52 million people. If 52 million people were approved for disability payment, and you believe you are eligible as well, then you deserve not to be turned down.


Peter Naake
Peter Naake