Auto Accident

When you suffer injury in an auto, truck, motorcycle or boating accident, you need an experienced lawyer to represent you.

Attorneys Alton Priddy & Don Meade provide auto accident victims with the professional and ethical representation needed to protect your legal rights, pay your medicals and help you receive any punitive compensatory damages you are entitled to.

Advice on Finding a Good Auto Accident Attorney

  • Take the time to research
    Do not simply dial a number on the television or call a lawyer on the back of the phone book. Take the time to call several law firms and meet with many attorneys before deciding on one to represent you.
  • Avoid slick commercial ads
    Some attorneys use comical tv spots or catch phrases to promote themselves as experienced “Injury Attorneys”. To pay the cost for these extravagant advertisements they rely on on large quanities of clients to achieve quick financial settlements. Many times you are left with only a fraction of what you deserved.
  • Ask questions
    When you do meet with an attorney ask specific questions related to their experience in representing clients in accident cases.

Don’t Become a Victim of Your Advocate

There are many good lawyers in Louisville who can help you with your case. Take the time to find them.

If your decision brings you here, we promise to treat you with dignity and respect and to provide you competent and compassionate legal representation.


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Alton Priddy
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Don C. Meade
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